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Hypnosis is an effective program to address addictions. Addiction has long been understood to mean an uncontrollable habit of using alcohol or other drugs. Because of the physical effects of these substances on the body, and particularly the brain, people have often thought that "real" addictions only happen when people regularly use these substances in large amounts.
In recent years experts have come to realize that people can also develop addictions to behaviors, such as gambling, eating, smoking and exercise. What most addictions have in common is that the person doing them finds them pleasurable in some way.
Some people who suffer from social anxiety, stress-related disorders and depression develop addictions in an attempt to feel less distress. Stress can also play a role in many addictions. In hypnosis you will learn to manage your stress, anxiety, frustration and other symptoms of addictions.
The increasing pressure that some individuals feel to chemically enhance or improve their athletic or cognitive performance can similarly play a role in initial experimentation and continued drug abuse.
Some adults with addictions are continuing to struggle with uncomfortable or traumatic childhood experiences. Addictions are clearly a form of self-medicating to relieve one's self of psychological or physical pain. In hypnosis you will be able to explore those past times in order to be free of the restrictions, blocks and hesitations you have experienced. You will be able to see changes in your habits, behaviors and patterns as you heal from the past including all the attached emotions.
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​ Sub-Abuse: Are you or a loved one hooked on drugs or alcohol? Now there is hope. I have spent time working with celebrities and successful people at the drug treatment center, Echo Malibu. I now bring you the same techniques I used there, to help you end substance abuse. Whether you have a substance abuse problem, or a friend or family member does, realize that my brand new program, "Drop The Addiction" gives powerful techniques and advice to help you. You can free yourself from the grip of substance abuse. Substance abuse is serious and difficult to go at it alone, that's why you need support. This program will give you the support you need to end substance abuse.
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 DISCLAIMER: At no time will your hypnotherapist attempt to provide medical or mental health therapy. You affirm in writing that hypnosis is appropriate for you and does not conflict with current medical or psychiatric treatment. Always seek out and follow the advice or your physician or other professional medical or psychotherapeutic practitioner before considering any type of treatment including hypnotherapy. If you use EFT techniques and meridian tapping techniques on yourself or others, you are advised to take full responsibility for yourself and the treatment.

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